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Official Competition Rules   

The Texas Lonestar Ball will be conducted under the rules of the N.D.C.A. and all their rules apply. In addition to the following rules shall apply:


  1. ALL  competitors  must be registered with the NDCA. To register go online at  If you register at the competition, there will be an NDCA directed surcharge.

  2. The organizers have hired the most qualified, Adjudicators and scrutineers available. The Chairperson of Judges shall be the sole arbiter on decisions concerning ties, penalties, and other judges’ decisions.

  3. No lifts, drops, or floor drags permitted in Pro/Am or Amateur closed categories.

  4. The On-Deck system will be used for line up for competition heats. Competitors must check in with the On Deck Captain and be prepared to compete at least 30 minutes before the time scheduled.

  5. It is the responsibility of competitors to verify the correctness of entries, dances, and partners IN ADVANCE of the time scheduled for heats. You will be provided with “heat sheets” at registration.

  6. No teacher will be permitted to compete with one of his/her students against another.

  7. The organizers reserve the right to cancel or merge any competition with fewer than 3 entries.

  8. All syllabi approved by the NDCA are allowed for all closed and open categories competed in at this competition. Invigilators and the chairperson of judges have been instructed to be cognizant of this fact when considering penalties.

  9. Competitors dancing in OPEN categories are not required to stay within the parameters of step lists. You may do whatever your talents and experience allow you to do. Everything, however, must be within the bounds of good taste.

  10. Refunds due to cancellations before the deadline will be processed within 30 days after the competition. Doctor certificate required for refunds after deadline. Package and/or room reservations made after Feb 21, 2023  may not be eligible for a refund.

  11. There will be no credit given for cancellations made at the competition. Any changes made at the competition, due to no fault of the Organizer, may incur a service charge. PLEASE CHECK CONFIRMATION INFORMATION PRIOR TO COMING TO COMPETITION.

  12. Age Categories: Adult Competitors may enter, in addition to their regular age, TWO age categories younger than his/her regular age. (i.e. Ladies B1 can dance in Ladies A1 and Ladies A2 as well as Ladies B1)

  13. Students may enter up to THREE CATEGORIES above his/her normal level of dancing. The Novice and Newcomer Events are not considered full categories. Anyone may enter Open categories.

  14. Same-sex/gender neutral couples may not change roles (leader to follower and back again) during a dance.  In other words, once a dancer is designated as the leader or follow, he or she must remain the leader or follower during the entirety of the dance (this applies to both same-sex/gender neutral couples as well as to traditional couples).

  15.  The leader should always be assigned, and wear, the competitor's number.

  16.  Organizers will continue to offer traditional divisions exactly as in the past, such as Ladies B, Gentleman C, Student/Student , etc.  However, same-sex/gender neutral couples must be permitted to dance in these traditional divisions if they wish.

  17.   Competitors are required  to wear costumes/clothing specific to their gender: men to wear a tail suit, tuxedo, suite or a man's Latin costume, and women to wear either a dress (both leader & follower) or the woman leader may wear a pant suit

  18. Pro/Am Scholarships:

  19. Adult Scholarships are open to ages 16 and above . Open level competitors are not allowed to enter Closed Scholarships.

  20. Students must enter 2 X number of free styles for each scholarship they dance.

  21. These qualifying free-styles must be in the same level, style, and category as the scholarship. I.e.: six smooth single dances qualifies you for closed scholarship…..10 single Latin dances qualifies you for open scholarship

  22. Multi-Dance categories count as ONLY ONE of the dance requirements.

  23. ANY open scholarship has no syllabus restrictions.

  24. Male and females students in both Adult and Junior scholarships are combined and compete against the other.

  25. Note! If work, school, or another valid reason prevents a competitor from being at the competition when the qualifying freestyle dances are scheduled, showcase routines in the same level and category may be substituted for the deficient number of dances. The organizers must be notified if this situation exists so showcases can be scheduled before the pertinent scholarship is danced.

  26. Scholarship Prize Money is never reduced regardless of the number of couples entered. Scholarships and JR,  free,  or reduced entries are  not included in the teacher’s Pot-of-Gold

  27. Top Teacher Requirements:

    1. There is no entry fee for Top Teacher

    2. This is a unisex competition.

    3. Teachers do not have to be on a package.

    4. Teachers are not required to have a specific number of students competing to qualify.

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